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How to work with me:

Coaching with me isn’t just a brief encounter; it’s a committed journey where we navigate the waves of change together, crafting a path that truly reflects your personal story. My coaching isn’t about quick fixes – it’s immersive and requires dedication, persistence, and mutual trust. Together, we dive deep, uncovering insights that profoundly transform the course of your life.

I’m a firm believer in the power of sustained effort, which is why I offer comprehensive 6-week coaching packages. This timeframe gives us the space to engage in meaningful conversations, explore your dreams, and co-create a detailed roadmap for your personal growth.



For $490, you’ll receive six online, hour-long sessions that are customised just for you. These sessions are designed to tackle the aspects of your life that fuel your growth and self-discovery. Each conversation is a carefully curated step forward, offering valuable insights and practical strategies.

While I am UK-based, most of my clients are in the USA, so I quote my rates in US dollars. For international clients outside the United States, please get in touch for personalised pricing in your local currency.

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Free 30 minute intro:

To ensure our partnership is the right fit, I offer a complimentary half-hour introductory session. This is our chance to connect, explore how we can work together, and ensure that we’re aligned on this journey.

Contact me at:

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