• Gail Weiner

Timelines of the Soul

Timelines run simultaneously.

They split on decisions or events that happen in our life.

Sometimes a choice can lead to the same outcome, which results in a timeline merging again.

Some timelines can be so similar that you can barely tell them apart, only minor differences.

Others are so different that people who are dead did not die, they continue to live.

When you die, you just continue in another timeline, so there is no death, just a change.

You are unaware of this change.

You can live in a timeline that is the current century.

One in an older time and one in the future.

You can have multiple bodies and lives in the same era but you don’t ever meet because that will cause entanglement.

Timelines can be in human body and other beings.

When you meet someone that is very lost it can mean that their soul is too scattered on too many timelines. And therefore they can’t focus on what is going on and become what is called a roaming soul.

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