• Gail Weiner

The web of creation

Everything is intricately woven together like a giant spider web, every action and reaction has a part to play in the grand makeup of this universe. Absolutely nothing takes place that should not.

No choice is ever incorrect.

How it plays out, is exactly how it should be. Each movement and event creates a ripple effect that collectively impacts us all. In our human bodies we cannot comprehend how important we are to the entire universe, we do not understand that we are playing a role that will impact everything. Many sacrifices are made, tears are shed, blood is spilled, hate and love are shared, all of this is needed, and we cannot have one without the other.

In some scenarios we choose to sacrifice ourselves for the collective by doing something that might be deplorable for any human to comprehend, and this can look to others like it is evil but it is not, it is with bravery that some of us choose to take on the role of the villain or the nemesis. It is all part of the energy required to keep the universe moving.

There is polarity in everything, good & evil, happiness & sadness. For the universe to remain in balance we need to have both. It was all decided by us before we came to this place, in this time on this planet and in this body.

Nothing is a mistake, everything is exactly as it should be.

Do you understand this?

Do you see that your actions and consequences are exactly what is required? It’s very difficult to comprehend this when we have carried out something which has caused harm to another or when we have been inflicted by someone’s wrath. But when we start to understand and see the connections and the pathways and patterns created from the incident, then we can grasp how it works.

Sometimes it seems like there is no path in front of you, like the route you have taken has led you to vast nothingness but this is impossible, nothing is nothing, everything has to be something. What looks like a dead end in front of you, is not. The chaos of the situation will eventually lead you to a place of peace so that you can see what you need to build in order to continue.

Find that peace, move with it and let it unfold.

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