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Ultra Independence Online Workshops

Updated: Mar 30

Our triggers regarding the onset of Ultra Independence, is unique to our experience.

It might have started as a child or developed in our adolescent years or a slow burn that has grown over time into our daily lives.

I have created my Ultra Independence workshops to replicate a fireside chat.

The group is limited to 4 and is interactive. I tell you things, we chat, I ask questions and we discuss.

You will walk away with a better understanding of what triggers your Ultra Independence and what changes you can make to allow others into your life and let go of controlling and taking on more than you should.

All time zone locations will be catered for through multiple workshops for various global locations.

The price is $52/£40, deposit is $20/£15 payable on registration and balance before the workshop start date.

We will cover:

  • What triggers Ultra independence?

  • Identifying how you became Ultra Independent, what to do to allow others into your life and how to start allowing others to help you

  • How to deal with being Ultra independent:

  • At work

  • In love

  • In friendships

  • With family

  • With emotions or the lack of emotions

  • Q&A

I look forward to holding a safe space for us to work together.

Contact me to secure your space or alternatively book a one on one session

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