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Lessons for the new world

Navigate the new technology world while holding your spirtitual truth

  • 1 hour
  • 29.99 British pounds

Service Description

I have worked in technology for many years and I love the boundless possibilities which it opens. We are entering a new technological era. A place where robots will gret you at stores, your interaction will mainly be with bots and not humans, drones will deliver your food and parcels, our money will be digital and our cities will run on a grid of technology infastructure. At the same time our conciousness is evolving, we are far more aware of our surroundings, of our duality with the planet and nature. We are aware how more aligned we are when we eat healthy, we understand the laws of quantum physics much more so than ever before and we understand it’s our thoughts which create our reality. We too are running on an organic and higher consciousness grid. So how do we align the two seemingly disparate worlds? I am here to show you how to navigate the two worlds, how we can live in harmony in the technology environment while aligning and keeping our spiritual path intact. Let me help you navigate the new world.

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