Too busy making my own waves, baby

Being busy is worn like a status symbol which makes us feel wanted and worthy, the busier we are the worthier we feel. We glorify being busy believing that we will only be noticed at work if we put in more hours and answer every message within seconds or that others will like us more if they see us constantly busy. We also keep ourselves busy in the hope that we will like ourselves if we constantly accomplish more today than yesterday. This can stem from reward systems as a

Pandemic and Stress

We have all felt the impacts of the pandemic on ourselves and our loved ones and have shown incredible servitude and strength through this trying times. Stress plays a huge impact on us physically, effecting our cardiovascular system, Central nervous system, the correct functioning of our adrenal glands, and endocrine systems, our digestive system and causing muscular pains Mentally, stress results in depression, mood swings, insomnia and eating disorders. None of us could ha

My mind is playing tricks on me.

Cognitive distortions describe irrational, inflated thoughts or beliefs that distort a person’s perception of reality, usually in a negative way. These distortions are common but can be hard to recognize if you don’t know what to look for. Many occur as automatic thoughts. They are so habitual that the thinker often doesn’t realize he or she has the power to change them. Many grow to believe that’s just the way things are. If you’re human, you have likely fallen for a few of