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Embracing Enchantment

During my childhood, I believed in magic. Countless hours were spent in the garden, gathering ingredients to concoct potions brimming with mystique. I would blend rose petals, sand, and leaves, peering expectantly behind flower petals and bushes, hoping to spot a slumbering fairy nestled in the damp soil. I wholeheartedly embraced the existence of elves, fairies, witches, and the power of magic spells. However, as my early twenties arrived, that faith seemed to dissipate, I guess I thought magic just didn’t fit into adult life.

Years later, in my forties, I went away on a weekend getaway with friends to a lakeside cabin. Underneath the stars, we danced, the full moon casting its luminous glow onto the mirrored surface of the lake. In that ethereal moment, as I gazed at the water, a question emerged within me: "when did I stop believing in magic?”

Magic had never truly departed from my life; I had merely chosen not to acknowledge its presence. Magic filters through our existence, hidden in plain sight, awaiting our recognition. It's not solely the realm of fairies and spells; it resides in the realm of simplicity.

There is magic in awakening to a new day, in the brief conversation with a stranger on a bustling street, in a thoughtful text message from a dear friend. It thrives in the gentle companionship of a walk through nature, accompanied by the loyal presence of my dog. Magic reveals itself in those tranquil mornings spent outdoors, listening to the symphony of birdsong while savoring a cup of coffee. It manifests in the stillness of the night, when you are tucked up in bed. It materializes within the joyous laughter shared during an evening meal with cherished company. It is held within the embrace of an enduring hug, capable of speaking volumes without uttering a single word.

This week, let us embrace the glimmers of magic that surround us, recognizing their transformative power.

So what is magical in your life?

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