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Is it Mercury Retrograde or am I the drama?

I didn't know much about astrology until I had my first reading a few years back, which was incredibly accurate and helped me figure out what I needed to change in my life.

What I am well aware of is Mercury Retrograde because every time it comes around I am warned by people screaming on social media that shit is going to go down and without fail it does!

It's said that mercury retrograde affects contracts, business, relationships, communication, and electronic equipment. Back during previous Mercury Retrogrades, my fridge packed in, the window broke, the heating went out, my laptop didn't work, I got into an argument with a friend, you get the picture.

So every Retrograde my mind tells me it's impossible and nothing will go wrong, yet it does without fail every single time. This month I was told that it will be extra bad because it coincides with my birthday and lo and behold I was knee deep in a burst toilet cistern on Saturday evening.

Mercury Retrograde is the time where the planet Mercury appears to move backwards, let me repeat that, it appears to move backwards but does not really move backwards, it’s an optical illusion.

So have I created my own illusion of the affect of retrograde or is it real?

Has Mercury Retrograde become a modern superstition like 'beware of a black cat walking past you'?

It's amazing how our minds can validate things if we're looking for them. Try focusing on the color red for a minute, then look around your room or at a picture, you'll see red images immediately because you focused on that.

We notice what we focus on.

So, if I hear that it's shit show season, I'll look for proof and if something goes wrong, then I'll blame the retrograde. If the same thing happens outside of retrograde, then well, it was just a bust toilet and that is all.

Because I'm not an expert on the topic, and because I believe in free will, I'm probably just a little irritated by this Mercury Retrograde stuff.

Everybody has bad days, there's happiness and disappointment, life is like that, things break, relationships end, and conversations get misinterpreted. We are all human, and we have to learn how to navigate the good and the bad without worrying about where the planets are aligned.

On the other hand, just in case, I've decided to use the retrograde to my advantage, so I don't send out contracts or make rash decisions, but instead clean things up, sort the clutter, edit my writing, plan and get things ready for action after the retrograde, and this could be just me being cautious in case without really buying into it.

My gut feeling is that accidents happen and that's why they're called accidents, and outcomes will follow the course that's needed whether it's retrograde or not.

Anyway, I'll lay low until we get out of retrograde, and I'll also steer clear of the black cat who lives a few doors down. I forgot to mention, Mercury comes out of Retrograde on 3 June 2022.

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