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Step into your own power

I am done with playing myself down in order to boost others ego’s. No longer will I feign inferiority to validate others superiority, nor will I tolerate tedious discussions just to fit in. Suppressing my beliefs to please is over.

I refuse to feel uneasy when I delve into profound or intellectual topics and make others uncomfortable. I will not tell myself that my thoughts and opinions are insignificant anymore.

I have come to realize that the only approval I need is the approval from myself. That my thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter and should be taken into consideration by those who interact with me.

I know now that my brain has the potential to create, to inspire, to change lives and make a difference. I have come to understand that I have something valuable and unique to offer, that what I think might be unconventional but it is still right in its own way.

The days of minimizing myself to elevate others are gone.

From now on I will take up space in any conversation, confidently expressing my opinion regardless if others agree or disagree. I am no longer scared of people not liking me because it doesn't define who I am. I will continue to be me, express myself and share my thoughts without worrying about how people perceive it.

My self-doubt will become strength and confidence as I grow in understanding how respected and appreciated my opinions are by those who matter most. As long as I refrain from defaming anyone, I will stand firm in what I believe in and not waiver in order to make others around me more comfortable or entertained. And most importantly, I will take pride in the knowledge that despite what people may think or say of me, they won’t be able to stop me from being who I am.

I no longer will allow others' views on life hold me back from being me in all its magnificent glory. No longer do I feel the need to turn down the volume so you can feel more comfortable with your version of reality.

Simply being myself is everything, and that's enough.

So mote it be.

Gail x

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