Happiness Coaching

Navigating life, the universe and our souls with a healthy dose of humour.

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Synchronicity is what connects us and the synergy is what is always at play between us.

For decades I have explored and studied religions, alchemy, quantum physics and the power of our minds.

With these skills I assist in recognising and replacing obsolete mind patterns, understanding of generational trauma based responses, identifying of your strengths and increasing your ability to allow positive relationships to flourish. I help you build new paths in both your personal and spiritual life.
Online sessions are approached with my hands-on personal life experience, shared with you in an informal chat, creating a relaxed and safe space to explore and express your true self without judgement.

Everything I do is with a twist of humour, which helps ease the burdens of our complicated existence and would work best with others who are open minded and able to confront their challenges with a pinch of laughter and a huge amount of love.


What I offer


Ultra-Independence is a Trauma response

What if I told you that you could be hiding a trauma behind your Ultra independence?

Independence can start to instill in us that we do not need anyone else, that we can do everything ourselves and we can walk this world without the help of others. Independence is great to a healthy extent but can be detrimental when a person becomes so independent that they fail to ask for help when they really need it.

Ultra-Independence can stem from trauma such as growing up in a distant, abusive or narcissistic environment, from bullying at school, abuse from a partner, grief over the death of someone you loved dearly.  So many things can trigger the belief that we must do this journey alone and be in control every step of the way.

We can become so used to doing everything ourselves that even admitting that are not coping is something an Ultra-Independent person will never dream of, because that implies that they need others to assist them, which is out of the question.

My one on one sessions are tailor made to deal with your Ultra Independence and tools to help you heal.


Ancestral Healing

Connect with your Ancestors to heal your past and create the future

Epigenetics is the DNA footprint which our our ancestors leave on us and our children and our future generations.

So if there was trauma that one of your ancestors experienced it can come out in you, as let’s say an anxiety or a fear or a guilt, you need to fix these issues for yourself and your future generations.

Unfinished business which needs to be dealt with and compassion and forgiveness that needs to be addressed.

There are also great strengths which our ancestors have given us that we are unaware of.

I work by holding a safe space where I will guide you to help identify messages from ancestors, and heal hurt they might have left you with, we work together to look at these strengths and gifts which they have bestowed on you.

I live in constant gratitude for my connection to them and to their blessings and would be honoured to work with you and your Ancestors.

Sat on the Rocks

Grief Support

Assisting the living with the loss of a loved one

No one can understand grief until they have been through it.

I have lost all my maternal aunts and my father passed a few years back which has left a hole deep within my heart, that can truly never be healed. 

I lost my sister traumatically in my early twenties.  It took me years to even understand that I was angry at her for leaving me alone and once I forgave her I understood that she was my biggest teacher in life and her biggest lesson to me was in her death. 

I can help you adapt to the loss of a loved one and try help make the path a little easier to navigate, knowing that you are not alone and they are always with you.

Happy Man

Learn the healing art of laughter

Sometimes all we need is to truly laugh and forget our worries for a moment.

My happiness sessions offer a reprise from your day to day burdens, where we can gaze upon the world with eyes like a child and look for the humour amongst the madness. 

I work with you using CBT and Mindfulness to provide a toolbox for your daily life.

I offer you my time and my gift of laughter with love.


Couples Guidance

Relationships change just like the seasons, our love has ebbs and flows and it is important to acknowledge this as a natural progression.  During these times it is valuable to hold a safe space for each other to express your feelings, concerns, fears and most importantly be reminded of the reason you fell in love and continue to love.

I facilitate an environment where you can listen to your lover and be heard.  Where you can safely explore the evolution of your connection and where it will be progressing in the future.

I remind you of the beauty of love and share ways to bring laughter and joy back into your incredible journey together.


Contact me

One hour online session- £45/$60

Bath, Somerset
United Kingdom

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Client Testimonials


“As a full time working single mom of 3, sometimes I don’t allow myself to stop and reflect on the decisions I’m making or have made. I stumbled upon an article that Gail had written and it struck me. I reached out and am so fortunate to have found her.
Gail provides an opportunity to shift my perspective when my tendency is to overthink and when I feel that I’m stuck in a certain spot in life. She has this ability to help me find clarity, discerning what’s really important and more importantly, the WHY behind what I feel and think.
Over the last few months, Gail has helped me to uncover self truths that I wasn’t actively conscious about. Her calm, open, and approachable demeanor allows for fluid conversation with no judgement. Gail does a tremendous job of helping to uncover and unpack issues and past traumas so that I can identify and grow from them. I feel peace knowing that I get to speak with her regularly and have her ear to bounce ideas off of whether it be work, family, dating or self growth related.”
Virginia, Michigan US

Virginia, Michigan, USA

“My continued journey working with Gail has been nothing short of transformational. Gail's unique approach to coaching that incorporates a strong focus on spirituality alongside traditional methods of therapy and coaching has inspired countless 'lightbulb moments' of self realisation, healing, and forgiveness. Gail's warmth and humour feel like a warm blanket where I am safe to explore my vulnerabilities, but the ease in which we built a rapport also allows for necessary moments of accountability - all of which has encouraged so many elements of my life to catapult forward. I have immeasurable gratitude for my coaching sessions with Gail. “

Daisy, London, UK

“As soon as I started my session with Gail I noticed a change for the better. Her way of listening is really good, so I always ended up feeling a shift at the end of each session . The reason is her listening and her approach to the matter. Really sensitive and practical

I highly recommend to work with her as she’s always present with the heart and always delivers truthful insight.

And she’s also a good laugh”

Monica, Rome, Italy

“Gail has changed my life in many ways and in such a short time. Quite simply; my marriage is better than it’s ever been because of Gail. I understand myself, my husband and my parents so much better. The pieces were always there and Gail just popped them all into place.
Gail has opened me up in a way that’s so subtle but so life changing; it’s hard to put into words.
Gail’s energy made me feel immediately at ease and want to just tell her everything with zero feelings of judgement or discomfort. I finish every session on a high, not like when I’ve had traditional therapy before which has always been too traumatic for me.
I’m so grateful to have found her and I couldn’t recommend her enough”

Helen, Worcestershire, UK

“I came to Gail after seeing an article called " Ultra Independence is a Trauma Response". It really stuck with me and so I contacted her right away and there seemed to be an instant connection. Right now I meet with Gail every week and I have to say I know this is helping me. I have an entire lifetime of trauma that we slowly unpack and get to the root of. Gail also has me doing some "exercises" like a gratitude journal, reading affirmations, making choices that can positively affect my life and through all of it I have never felt judged or been made to feel bad about anything! She is very comfortable to work with through some of the most uncomfortable times in my life and I am grateful and glad to be going through this process with her! I know this is changing my life one day at a time.

I am beyond blessed and grateful to be able to meet with Gail and I highly recommend her to anyone who may need such services. You will not be disappointed!”

Andrea, Boston, US

“Finally. It only took 25 years to find her. The one who speaks my language; who understands how I am feeling even in silence; who provides feedback that no other specialist has ever provided with such heart that she does. That’s how the Universe wanted it. Through her own experiences, she has a way to speak her truth through passionate like-minded scripture. Never would I have imagined that someone like her existed. Never had I heard of “Ultra Independence” and its link to trauma until my sister sent me a link to her blogs. Her words ring through my body and her compassion will stick with me my whole life. I’m so thankful to have found my granola spirit sister through Gail. “

Mesina, Colorado, US

“Like many others, I have had a difficult year career wise and adjusting to a new lifestyle has been challenging. Meeting with Gail online has helped me navigate through this and has encouraged me to look at my past and patterns of behaviour. She encourages me to think about what I can do to change the behaviours that are having an adverse effect on my relationships and to recognise and celebrate my strengths.

I cannot recommend Gail’s services enough, if you are considering taking the not hesitate any further!

Julie, Scotland

“Gail’s energy and empathy automatically creates a very important element in the client relationship, safety. The need for this parameter is heightened with interactions that are inherently built on vulnerability and Gail understands this and quickly establishes such spaces for her clients. Her sharing of personal anecdotes and struggles as well as providing non-judgemental active listening with a little glaze of humor on top helps you take a deeper breath.

She interrupts the scratched records we all have playing in our heads and reveals a possible new tune.

Gail’s services are a gentle place to start for souls seeking refuge and redirection.”

Stephanie, Alaska

“Gail came into my life at a very difficult time, it felt like the Universe had sent me a wise Guardian angel to get me back on track. I felt so comfortable talking to her about absolutely everything and anything. I always felt heard BUT not judged. She helped me immensely with all my self-doubt, esteem issues and shadow work.

I cannot recommend her enough! It feels like you are talking to your best friend in the whole world.”

Alan, Cape Town, South Africa