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Healing the Past, Connecting in the Present, Thriving into the Future


I'm Gail, a certified life coach with a passion for helping people navigate life's ups and downs. With years of experience supporting clients from all walks of life, I've learned that the key to personal growth and fulfillment lies in finding the right balance between independence and connection.


As someone who's faced my fair share of challenges – from the trials of single parenthood to the heartache of loss and the struggle to find purpose in a male-dominated industry – I know firsthand how easy it can be to fall into the trap of "ultra independence." We tell ourselves that we need to be strong, that we need to handle everything on our own. But the truth is, this mindset can actually hold us back from the very things we're striving for: joy, authenticity, and genuine success.


That's where my coaching practice comes in. Through a blend of proven techniques, emotional support, and a healthy dose of humor, I help my clients break free from the limitations of ultra independence and discover the power of embracing vulnerability, asking for help, and building meaningful connections. Whether you're searching for a more fulfilling career path, navigating the challenges of parenting or caregiving, or simply feeling stuck and unsure of your next steps, I offer a safe space for you to explore your goals, identify your roadblocks, and start making actionable plans for positive change.


We'll work together to uncover your unique strengths and values, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness that will serve as the foundation for every decision you make going forward. And by building upon this base of self-knowledge with practical skills like goal-setting and effective communication strategies – along with an emphasis on developing strong networks of friendship and professional support – we'll create long-term changes that enhance every aspect of your life.


My approach is grounded in the belief that you already have everything you need to succeed within yourself – even if it doesn't always feel that way! My role as your coach is simply helping guide those inherent strengths into effective outer results: through listening carefully as we work on determining what matters most; offering experienced insight at important junctures; keeping us accountable via consistent follow-through; cheering progress & offering comfort through inevitable setbacks – basically being precisely kind of support system we all benefit from enlisting on any significant undertaking.


Growth takes courage at every stage along its journey...but its rewards justify each effortful reach towards becoming our best selves. So if you're ready to invest wholeheartedly in building an intentional life filled with purpose, fulfillment & yes - more joy! - it would be my great honor partnering with you as thought-partner & change catalyst during this most important process.


Take a look around the site to learn more about my background, explore my coaching packages, or schedule a free introductory session. I look forward to hearing your story and exploring how I can support you on this incredible journey of discovery.


With warmth and optimism,



How to work with me:

Coaching with me isn't a fleeting experience; it's a dedicated voyage where we navigate the currents of change together, building a path that resonates with your unique journey.Unlike quick-fix solutions, my coaching sessions are immersive, requiring dedication, persistence, and trust. Together, we embark on a collaborative learning experience, uncovering insights that create a genuine difference in your life's trajectory.

I believe in the power of continuity, which is why I offer comprehensive 6-week coaching packages. This duration allows us the time needed to delve into meaningful conversations, explore your aspirations, and co-create a roadmap for your personal growth.

For $490, you'll receive six online hour-long sessions tailored exclusively for you. These sessions are designed to address facets of your life that contribute to your growth and self-discovery. Each conversation is a step forward, carefully curated to provide valuable insights and practical strategies.


To ensure our collaboration is the right fit, I invite you to a complimentary half-hour introduction session. This allows us to connect, explore synergies, and ensure that we're aligned on the journey ahead.

For international clients outside the United States, please reach out for customized pricing in your local currency.

Get in Touch to book free 30 minute intro online chat. 

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Virginia, New York

"Gail provides an opportunity to shift my perspective when my tendency is to overthink and when I feel that I’m stuck in a certain spot in life. She has this ability to help me find clarity, discerning what’s really important and more importantly, the WHY behind what I feel and think.
Over the last few months, Gail has helped me to uncover self truths that I wasn’t actively conscious about. Her calm, open, and approachable attitude allows for fluid conversation with no judgement. "

Mesina, Colorado

"Finally, the one who speaks my language; who understands how I am feeling even in silence; who provides feedback that no other specialist has ever provided with such heart that she does. That’s how the Universe wanted it. Through her own experiences, she has a way to speak her truth through passionate like-minded scripture. Never would I have imagined that someone like her existed. Never had I heard of “Ultra Independence” and its link to trauma until my sister sent me a link to her blogs. Her words ring through my body and her compassion will stick with me my whole life. I’m so thankful to have found my granola spirit sister through Gail. “

Stephanie, Arizona

"Gail’s energy and empathy automatically creates a very important element in the client relationship, safety. The need for this parameter is heightened with interactions that are inherently built on vulnerability and Gail understands this and quickly establishes such spaces for her clients. Her sharing of personal anecdotes and struggles as well as providing non-judgemental active listening with a little glaze of humor on top helps you take a deeper breath.

She interrupts the scratched records we all have playing in our heads and reveals a possible new tune.

Gail’s services are a gentle place to start for souls seeking refuge and redirection.”

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