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Navigating life, the universe and our souls with a healthy dose of humour.


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For decades I have explored and studied religions, alchemy, quantum physics and the power of our minds.

I have certifications in Spiritual Life Coaching, Ancestral Healing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Advanced Shadow Mastery, Mindfulness and foundations in Kabbalah.

​With these skills I work with you to assist in creating daily mindfulness practices, balancing your wellbeing by ridding yourself of obsolete mind patterns and building new paths in both your career, personal and spiritual life.

Everything I do is with a twist of humour, to help ease the burdens of our complicated existence and would work best with others who are open to taking their challenges with a pinch of laughter and a huge dollop of love.

With much love from my soul to yours.


Ultra-Independence is a Trauma response

What if I told you that you could be hiding a trauma behind your Ultra independence?

Independence can start to instill in us that we do not need anyone else, that we can do everything ourselves and we can walk this world without the help of others. Independence is great to a healthy extent but can be detrimental when a person becomes so independent that they fail to ask for help when they really need it.

Ultra-Independence can stem from trauma such as growing up in a distant, abusive or narcissistic environment, from bullying at school, abuse from a partner, grief over the death of someone you loved dearly.  So many things can trigger the belief that we must do this journey alone and be in control every step of the way.

We can become so used to doing everything ourselves that even admitting that are not coping is something an Ultra-Independent person will never dream of, because that implies that they need others to assist them, which is out of the question.

I have designed sessions that will help you identify what has triggered your ultra-independency and tools to help you learn to begin allowing others into your life and to understand that it is okay to not control everything

These sessions are done with care and loads of love.


Ancestral Connection & Guidance

Connect with your Ancestors to heal your past and create the future

Epigenetics is the DNA footprint which our our ancestors leave on us and our children and our future generations.

So if there was trauma that one of your ancestors experienced it can come out in you, as let’s say an anxiety or a fear or a guilt, you need to fix these issues for yourself and your future generations.

Unfinished business which needs to be dealt with and compassion and forgiveness that needs to be addressed.

There are also great strengths which our ancestors have given us that we are unaware of.

I work by holding a safe space where I will guide you to help identify messages from ancestors, and heal hurt they might have left you with, we work together to look at these strengths and gifts which they have bestowed on you.

I live in constant gratitude for my connection to them and to their blessings and would be honoured to work with you and your Ancestors.


Career Coaching and Alignment

Life is all about the energy of movement and flow.

Sometimes we become stuck and forget to see our strengths and ways of moving forward.

It is important to embrace change and move our career paths in the direction which fulfills us in more ways than just a monthly paycheck.

I offer my coaching skills to help you indentify obsctacles, elimante obstacles and work on your preconceived beliefs, in order to help you walk your authentic path.


Spiritual Grief Support

Assisting the living with the loss of a loved one

No one can understand grief until they have been through it.

I have lost all my maternal aunts and my father passed a few years back which has left a hole deep within my heart, that can truly never be healed. 

I lost my sister traumatically in my early twenties.  It took me years to even understand that I was angry at her for leaving me alone and once I forgave her I understood that she was my biggest teacher in life and her biggest lesson to me was in her death. 

I can help you adapt to the loss of a loved one and try help make the path a little easier to navigate, knowing that you are not alone and they are always with you.


Learn the healing art of laughter

Sometimes all we need is to truly laugh and forget our worries for a moment.

My happiness sessions offer a reprise from your day to day burdens, where we can gaze upon the world with eyes like a child and look for the humour amongst the madness. 

I work with you using CBT and Mindfulness to provide a toolbox for your daily life.

I offer you my time and my gift of laughter with love.



These sessions are so engaging, connective and empowering. Each one is a journey through alchemical layers with ah-ha moments, mystical insights and of course, smiles and laughter – making this time and this work feel light, accessible and delicious for the soul.

Since working with Gail my life has truly changed, she has made me see thing clearly and alter the patterns that have caused me to limit my personal growth.

Her work has helped me change my mindset and create the life I have always dreamed of.

Ancestral healing has been such a revealing modality to explore, it has set my dreams on unimaginable tangents and I can truly feel the mind shifting and change rumbling from deep under my skin. Thank you!


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Bath, Somerset
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