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Ancestral Healing

Healing your past and creating your future begins with connecting with your ancestors

In terms of epigenetics, we refer to the DNA footprint that each of us, our children, and our future generations will leave behind.

In other words, if your ancestor experienced trauma, that trauma can manifest in you as anxiety, fear, or guilt. It is crucial that you address these issues for the sake of future generations.

We have unfinished business to deal with, compassion to show, and forgiveness to extend and we have great strengths our ancestors have handed down to us that we are not aware of.

I hold a safe space in which I will guide you to identify messages from your ancestors and to heal hurts they might have left you with. Together, we explore the strengths and gifts they have bestowed upon you.


Happiness Coaching

Learn the healing art of laughter

There are times when we just need a moment to laugh and forget about our worries.

My happiness sessions offer a respite from your daily burdens, where you can see the world through a child's eyes and look for the humor amongst the madness.

Through CBT, Mindfulness, visualization techniques and learning the art of self love, I will help you create a toolbox for dealing with the challenges you face every day.

My time and my gift of laughter are offered to you with love.


Couples Guidance

Rekindle your passion

Love has ebbs and flows, just like the seasons, and it is important to acknowledge that this is a natural progression of our relationships.  When you are experiencing these times, it is important to hold a safe space for each other to express your feelings, concerns, and fears, and most importantly, be reminded of the reason you fell in love.

During my sessions, you will be able to listen to your lover and to be heard by him or her. You will also be able to explore the evolution of your relationship and where it will go in the future.

It is my hope that I can introduce laughter and joy back into your incredible journey together by reminding you of the beauty of love.

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