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My Books:

I've just wrapped up my first novel and simultaneously, I'm immersed in crafting my second fiction piece and a self-help book. Keep an eye on this space for updates on when you can grab a copy and dive into these upcoming reads!

For further information on my books you can contact my Literary Agent - Najla Mamou at


Debut Novel - A Vicious Tumble 

Genre - Thriller/Horror

Step into the Florida sunshine and Instagram worthy manicured lawns where you'll meet Ethan, a sixteen-year-old who is far from ordinary. With a razor-sharp intellect, irresistible charm, and striking looks, he possesses a magnetic pull that draws others in. As he leads us through his tumultuous world, we catch glimpses of the inner demons he wrestles with, his dangerous fascination with knives, and the persistent voices that relentlessly buzz inside his head.

Ethan’s days are filled with skateboarding and hanging out with his girlfriend, Willa. But everything takes a sharp turn when he fixates on Kayla, Willa's cheerleader best friend. This infatuation sparks a chain reaction that thrusts them into a fateful night in the woods, steeped in jealousy and psychedelics. Events unfold, hearts are shattered, and the consequences become irreversible.

Locked away from society, Ethan grapples to untangle the chaos that engulfs his reality. Hidden truths come to light, revealing that Willa isn't the person he believed her to be. Meanwhile, amid the raging storm, Kayla remains in the shadows, silently observing as the madness unfolds.

Will he find redemption, or will the shadows finally consume him?


WIP - The whole of the moon

Genre - Tragic Romance

In the vibrant beats of London's '90s rave culture, Steve, a young bisexual male, is drawn into a quest for a love that mirrors the intensity of the tunes on the dance floor. 

Diving headfirst into the gravity-defying rave culture with reckless abandon, Steve fuels his nights with wild emotions and drug-induced euphoria, chasing each connection - a lost soul in Portugal, a political activist, and a free spirit girl - in a relentless quest for something more than a brief high. But beneath the dance floor lurks an ever-present darkness - the knowledge of HIV hangs like death's shadow over him.

Then fate brings Steve to the one; love collides with intensity into a passionate symphony until it reaches its ultimate crescendo and inevitable conclusion. Love, heartbreak and intense self-discovery become one as Steven faces his greatest challenge yet: learning what it means to be alive.


WIP - Ultra Independence 

Genre - Self Help

Have you ever paused to consider whether your Ultra Independence might be concealing unresolved wounds? This eye-opening book unravels the notion that self-sufficiency is the ultimate strength, revealing that our insistence on going it alone may, in fact, be hindering our growth and well-being.

From tumultuous childhoods, to the scars of bullying and abuse, Ultra Independence is a shield forged from past trauma.

But there is hope: seeking help does not mean weakness, but rather an act of courage that yields immense rewards. This book serves as your guide, offering essential tools to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing; understanding the impact of your experiences and learning to live with balance and connection.

It's time to break free from solitary strength and embrace vulnerability. As you navigate this transformative path you will uncover a source of strength that comes from meaningful connection. Let us take this journey together, releasing the burdens of self-sufficiency and finding solace in unity. Rediscover the power of vulnerability and heal into your true strength.

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