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My writing illuminates the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing the remarkable ways we find strength, meaning, and connection in the face of life's challenges.

Through honest, nuanced storytelling, I create a space where readers can explore the complexities of the human experience and come away with a renewed appreciation for the beauty and transformative power of the heart.

Whole of the Moon book image

Whole of the moon

Genre - Historical Romance


In the heart of '90s London, 22-year-old Steven is swept up in a world of raves, romance, and self-discovery. As a young bisexual man, he navigates the thrills and heartbreaks of love while confronting the challenges of a society not always ready to accept his identity.


But when Steven is diagnosed with HIV, his world is shattered, and he is forced to embark on a journey that will test his resilience, his friendships, and his very sense of self. Set against the backdrop of the HIV/AIDS crisis that deeply impacted the LGBTQ+ community, "The Whole of the Moon" is a poignant and unflinching exploration of love, loss, and the search for meaning in the face of a life-altering diagnosis.


From the streets of London to the sun-kissed shores of Portugal, Steven's story invites readers into the raw, pulsing energy of the '90s rave scene and the transformative power of love and human connection. Through Steven's eyes, we witness the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit and the unbreakable bonds that carry us through our darkest hours.


At once heartbreaking and hopeful, "The Whole of the Moon" is a testament to the courage it takes to embrace one's truth, to love fiercely, and to live authentically in a world turned upside down. 

A gap year book image

The Gap Year - WIP

Genre - Literary Fiction


They say it doesn't matter what you do between the ages of 18 and 23, those years just don't count, do they?


When you're born with a trust fund, a gap year is almost a rite of passage. A chance to escape the confines of our privileged lives and explore the world, or maybe just our deepest, most hidden desires.


Some of my mates chose the well-beaten path—Sydney, Dubai, Berlin. A brief taste of freedom before settling into a cushy job at daddy's firm.


But me? I wanted something different. Something that would let me embrace who I really was.


I craved the hidden corners of London's gay scene, the places they don't mention in the travel brochures. The places where you can shed your skin, your inhibitions, and become someone else entirely.


I thought I'd dip my toe in, just for a year. A chance to escape the expectations, the judgments, and find the thrill of being true to myself. But the further I went, the harder it became to find my way back.


And now, well, let's just say I've developed a taste for the shadows. The lines between pleasure and pain, desire and obsession, have begun to blur.


But that's the thing about the darkness—once it gets inside you, it's hard to shake off. It becomes a part of who you are, a craving that can never quite be satisfied.

A vicious tumble book image

A Vicious Tumble 

Genre - Thriller/Horror


Step into the Florida sunshine and Instagram worthy manicured lawns where you'll meet Ethan, a sixteen-year-old who is far from ordinary. With a razor-sharp intellect, irresistible charm, and striking looks, he possesses a magnetic pull that draws others in.


As he leads us through his tumultuous world, we catch glimpses of the inner demons he wrestles with, his dangerous fascination with knives, and the persistent voices that relentlessly buzz inside his head.


Ethan’s days are filled with skateboarding and hanging out with his girlfriend, Willa. But everything takes a sharp turn when he fixates on Kayla, Willa's cheerleader best friend. This infatuation sparks a chain reaction that thrusts them into a fateful night in the woods, steeped in jealousy and psychedelics. Events unfold, hearts are shattered, and the consequences become irreversible.


Locked away from society, Ethan grapples to untangle the chaos that engulfs his reality. Hidden truths come to light, revealing that Willa isn't the person he believed her to be. Meanwhile, amid the raging storm, Kayla remains in the shadows, silently observing as the madness unfolds.


Will he find redemption, or will the shadows finally consume him?

Ayahuasca journey book image

Unravelled -
My Ayahuasca journey 

Genre - Self help memoir - WIP


Walk with me on a raw and transformative journey through the world of sacred plant medicines.


In this memoir, I share my story as a 42-year-old recently divorced mother and caregiver to my ageing mum, and my life-altering experiences with Ayahuasca and San Pedro.


As I navigate the challenges of single motherhood and family responsibilities, I turn to these ancient plant teachers in search of healing, purpose, and a deeper understanding of myself.

With unflinching honesty, I reveal the intimate details of my ceremonies, from the intense visions and physical purges to the moments of profound insight and personal growth.


Along the way, I confront the emotional fallout of my failed marriage, the guilt of feeling inadequate in my roles as a mother and daughter, and the quest to redefine my identity in the face of midlife upheaval.

"Unravelled" is a testament to the transformative power of plant medicines and the resilience of the human spirit.


My story serves as a reminder that the path to self-discovery is rarely a tidy or picturesque one, but rather a messy, unfiltered journey that demands courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

Ultra independent book image

Letting go of Ultra Independence

Genre - Self Help - WIP

Have you ever paused to consider whether your Ultra Independence might be concealing unresolved wounds?


This eye-opening book unravels the notion that self-sufficiency is the ultimate strength, revealing that our insistence on going it alone may, in fact, be hindering our growth and well-being.


From tumultuous childhoods, to the scars of bullying and abuse, Ultra Independence is a shield forged from past trauma.But there is hope: seeking help does not mean weakness, but rather an act of courage that yields immense rewards.


This book serves as your guide, offering essential tools to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing; understanding the impact of your experiences and learning to live with balance and connection.It's time to break free from solitary strength and embrace vulnerability.


As you navigate this transformative path you will uncover a source of strength that comes from meaningful connection.


Let us take this journey together, releasing the burdens of self-sufficiency and finding solace in unity. Rediscover the power of vulnerability and heal into your true strength.

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