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Believe it & create it.

We have all heard people say; ‘You’re in control of your life, manifest the life you desire. Believe in abundance and it shall be yours” Manifestation requires more than just the request for something, it requires us to believe we deserve what we wish for. Understanding the concept of abundance is a difficult thing when you never grew up with a lot of it. Abundance can be about love, money, health, happiness. A lack of any of these things in our life, makes it extremely tricky for us to understand the concept that we can have it in abundant flow.

We are told that we cannot sit in a place of scarcity because that will block manifestation but for many of us we only know the lack because we have no benchmark for what abundance should feel like.

In order to create, we need to feel like we already have it. In order to feel we already have it, we need to understand what having it feels like.

For most of us, we don’t have that sense because we have not felt it before. So the key is to learn to understand the feeling, sitting still and thinking what it would feel like if you have a healthy romantic relationship or money in your bank account. I am not talking about the thoughts of sailing on a yacht, designer handbags or lovemaking with the partner of your dreams but rather the underlying emotions you will feel in that space.

What will you truly feel when; You have the great job, will you feel fulfilled? You have that cash, will you feel secure? You have the lover, will you feel content and loved? That’s what you need to work at, the emotions behind the need. If you grew up in a household without love it will be difficult for you to understand a loving partner and therefore it’s impossible to manifest what you don’t understand, so you need to learn what love is. And you need to heal the spaces in your heart that don’t believe in love. Watch others in love, read about love, and find that feeling by tuning in to the love. For example the love you feel in nature or the love for your children or your pets. Tap into what love feels like. Only then can you call love into your space. If you grew up always struggling with money, your view on money will be scarce and no amount of manifestation will change that. You need to focus on what that money will make you feel, the security and the freedom. You need to watch others with a healthy money flow, you need to see all transactions as energy exchanges for either physical goods or services. You need to understand that money flows in and money flows out, it is everywhere and it is available for you. Feel what it feels like, not what it will buy but what you will feel like with that money. You need to heal the part of you that views money as a struggle and that you are unable to make money.

You need to feel like your manifestation is already in progress, like it has happened already. Let me take this moment to say, no please do not go out and spend money like you have it already, but rather learn to walk around feeling the emotion that having that money will make you feel. Walk around like you are already deeply and romantically in love. Walk around like the dream job is already here. Focus on the emotion and not the physical object. This is the actual reality you are trying to create, you might think that the big house will bring you joy but actually you’re looking for the underlying emotion of joy and that joy might come from something entirely different. This takes practice, work on it and give it time, as you reprogram your core beliefs..

Feel the emotions, remember emotion is key. Look for validation in your current reality, notice small changes in your daily life, be aware of the events and energy realigning for your new reality. We base our view of the world on what we see and that which we see is what we believe. So if we believe that there is abundance and love all around us, than that is what we will perceive around us.

Trust yourself - trust that you are worthy of what you want from life, trust that you deserve and are capable of creating the reality you desire. Trust that you can make this happen. Your reality needs to be in alignment that you can indeed have what you wish for, if you don’t truly believe it than it cannot be real. Be careful what you tell yourself because this truly creates our reality. Take action. Everything we do is cause and effect, we need to take an action in order to have a reaction. So let’s say you want a cup of coffee, you need to fill the coffee machine with coffee and switch it on in order to create the coffee or alternatively you need to go into a coffee shop and ask for a latte and then the barista will take the Action of making the coffee and giving it to you. You have to take an action in order for something to be returned to you, you cannot sit back and say I am manifesting the perfect life while you do nothing to kick start that action. Remember that there has to be an action in order to create a reaction. Creation requires energy, so move forward one step at a time in order to create the momentum to enable your dreams to manifest into reality.

Manifestation is realigning our belief system to allow ourselves to view alternative scenarios for our future and therefore be open to receiving. It requires action and the ability to use your right brain which controls your creativity and the art of visualisation to be able to see your ideal future and harness the ability to tap into your emotions in order to truly feel yourself in your new reality.

You need to believe you can change your reality and take the action to make it happen, this is the true magic of manifestation.

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1 Comment

Molly Desch
Molly Desch
Mar 23, 2022

Thank you for reminding me that it is more about the underlying emotion I want to feel based on what I want to manifest. Great article and great reminder!

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