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Our biggest goal as human beings is happiness.

We are always searching for it.

We think the new dress will bring it to us or our lover will make us happy all the time, perhaps the promotion at work will invite happiness in, or the salary raise, the new car, the haircut or weight loss.

All of these things will bring you happiness but it will be brief, a fleeting moment which feels great and if you squint a little it will indeed make you think it is true happiness. But they are all external, they are things you cannot control, the job can be lost, the lover can leave, the weight can get gained and the dress goes out of fashion.

Deep within us, we all know what true happiness feels like.

Happiness is not something you wear all the time, it’s not smile and laughter which never leaves you, life happens, shit happens but true happiness gives us the faith that everything will work out exactly as it should be.

It’s waking up in the morning and feeling love in your heart, it’s walking throughout the day with a sense of peace, it’s understanding that even if things are a little bit crazy it will all be okay.

True happiness comes from our heart and overwhelms us with an internal warmth that guides us through any storm which may arise.

So how to you find this elusive happiness?

It’s actually easier than getting that work promotion, because it’s within you already, it’s waiting for you.

It can be found when you sit still for a moment and match your breath with the beat of your heart.

It can be found when you walk in nature and feel the earth beneath your feet, the wind against your skin.

When you entwine your senses with the elements around you and feel them as you would the touch of a lover.

It’s the warmth in your heart when you love those around you, not for what they can give you but just for being here and being themselves.

It’s the sound of your voice when you speak your truth.

It’s the movement of your body when you dance or swim in the ocean.

It’s what your eyes see when they view your world from your heart.

It’s the energy you vibrate from your heart out to the world around you.

Happiness can not be bought, because you own it already.

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