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Mercury in the microwave again

Every Mercury retrograde I tell myself that this one is not going to get me, but every single time it does. So on the eve of this retrograde, a astrologer told me to prepare for an intense experience, because there was a eclipse happening too. And at the time, I was feeling pretty fabulous, with everything effortlessly flowing my way, and in a great mood most days. So I said to myself “not this time Mercury, there is no way you can take me out of this fabulous bliss I am sitting in right now!”

Well I was clearly wrong.

It started with my windscreen cracking, yip a big crack out of nowhere. Then the kettle broke. On top of that, three of my coaching clients overslept and missed their appointments on the same day.

At that point, I knew it had to be Mercury retrograde messing with me.

Then the May 5th eclipse happened and I honestly cant make this shit up. That morning I woke up with my ankle swollen and sore. By the next morning, it was so bad that I had to rely on my late father's cane just to make it to the bathroom. My son had to bring me meals since I couldn't manage the stairs. Five days passed before I could finally descend them without pain. Even then, I still felt discomfort and struggled to sleep through the night. In an attempt to find some relief, I iced it, elevated it, and wrapped it in bandages.

Jokingly, I told my son that if my ankle improved by Sunday - when the retrograde ended - I'd never doubt astrology again.

He laughed because he doesn’t believe in astrology.

I laughed because honestly it was all so absurd.

Well believe it or not, Sunday was the first day that I had no pain.

If I put too much pressure on it, it aches, but the swelling has gone down. I can climb and descend stairs without any discomfort, and sleep without being woken up by a searing sensation.

Last night, my son told me he thinks he now believes in Mercury retrograde. We both laughed and I replied, “Next time it happens, I'm cocooning myself in a duvet for three whole weeks.”

What have I taken away from this retrograde?

The pain was in my right ankle. The right side of our body is the masculine. I lead with the masculine and by resting my ankle, I had to walk and move with my left feminine side dominating. This is what I will aim to do in my daily life. Allow the feminine to lead.

Happy end of retrograde.

Gail x

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