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I had a dream last night that I was looking for a young man called Otien. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and I had a strong connection to him but could not find him not matter how hard I searched.

I bumped into someone that I seemed to know well, but not on this earth plane, and she told me, how does it feel to connect with you in different forms, can you feel it. I thought about it for a moment and said yes, we have so many traits that are the same, we understand each other.

I began to frantically search for Otien, calling his name down a long corridor and into rooms where others walked around looking lost. I called and called and eventually I found him, he was wrapped in a blanket and when I pulled the blanket back, he was covered head to toe in blood.

I held him close.

When I awoke I ran a salt bath and sat in the bath and called for the spirit of Otien, he told me how hard he had fought to remain alive to protect his loved ones and that was all that mattered to him. He felt he had let them down and not provided the safety they needed. He felt afraid. I washed his hair and washed the blood off his body and blessed him for his heroic actions and for his strength and his bravery.

I asked him to let go of the fear that he could not protect and embrace the fearless strength he holds, I asked him to help me in this strange time, that I needed his strength.

I understood that Otien was me and I was Otien.

A part of my soul from a past life that had not let go and not forgiven.

Otien could now be free.

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