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Lighten up

What we have to remember is that we are all flawed, no one is perfect and when someone professes to having it all sorted out and being absolutely pure with no warts and no bad thoughts and everything is just right.

They are lying.

We are humans, we incarnated to learn and you cannot learn from a place of perfection, your life needs to take twists and turns, you want the surprises because they make your heart beat a little faster and your mind work a little stronger. They keep us alive, and remind us about the power we hold within.

So if someone says they can fix your life for you, firstly they cannot and secondly, why would you want them too?

How boring to sit in bliss every day for hours on end doing the same happy dance around your island of perfection.

We opted to come to earth, when we were still standing in our true strength, we laughed at what we chose to do here and took up challenges which seem far more difficult now, than when we originally selected them. We are just perfect now, with all our internal complications and all the outside noise and the landlord being a prick and the government telling you what to do.

So I will never tell you I am better than you, more spiritual than you or know anything more that you do.

All we can do together, is sit is the stillness and remember.

Remember who we truly are and the immense power and love we carry within.

Remember and reclaim the strength that is ours.

Namaste Bitches

My love to yours

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